Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Artist: Architecture in Helsinki Artist: Fingers Crossed
Label: Bar None Rating: 5 *s out of 5

I first heard about AiH two years ago when a friend travelling through Australia sent me two mp3s. I was so excited I got a friend who lives in Melbourne to send me a copy of Fingers Crossed. Since then, it's been played on my show a lot.
The album's finally been released Stateside and is here for you to enjoy. The Fanatic review is pretty good (for a change) but not even it conveys how /fun/ this album is, or how infectious. AiH has something for just about everybody: its base is pure pop goodness a la the Lucksmiths, but it has some interesting mellow moments that take a cue from Sodastream(tracks 8 or 10) and a generally jangly feel to the music that might interest people who like uhh, jangly wierd stuff.
Be warned, some tracks are pretty brief (less than a minute), and many have 2-3 minutes of instrumental music before the vocals.

Recommended tracks: 7!, 8, 10, 6, 3, 2

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