Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Artist: Mercury Program/Maserati Album: Confines of Heat
Label: Kindercore Rating: 4.0 out of 5*

Solid, guitar-led ambient rock by by two Kindercore artists (MP just moved from Tiger Style). Carefully crafted by both parties and well woth listening to, even if I can't say clever things about it. Rolling Stone calls it "Sex Rock". I've never had sex to this kind of music before, but the term seems appropriate. Give it a listen and see what I mean.

No vocals = all tracks clean
Preferred tracks: 2 for the MP; 5 for Maserati
Play if you like: Mono (was on tour with MP earlier this year), The Sea and Cake or the local band A Problem of Alarming Dimensions
Site: here for the MP and here for Maserati.

Both groups play at Go! Room 4 on Oct. 27. (but go to Belle and Sebastian instead).

Artist: Pitty Sing Album: s/t
Label: Or Rating: 4.75 out of 5 *s

Oh yeah. More sweet, sweet 80s sounds. Unfortunately, this only has three tracks but they all need to be played! It's very much influenced by Simple Minds (c 1986), New Order and the Cure overall, but each track has is it's own little niche. Track three puts me in mind particularly of the Buggles. All in all, sort of a post New Wave rock ride. Play me!

Track one says fuck. Quite often, unfortunately.

Site: here