Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Artist: PAS/CAL Album: Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous
Label: Le Grand Magistery Rating: 4.5 *s out of 5

The Feel is California, even if the sound was made in Michigan.
The Detroit pop outfit, PAS/CAL, is back at it again with their second release. You probably remeber their virgin attempt, The Handbag Memories, when its uber-catchy (kitschy?) tunes got relentlessly stuck in your head this time last year.
This one is no different. I got a hold of it Thursday and have played it (roughly) a million times since then. It ranges from smooth and mellow with rich melodic arrangements with strings (2) to more brassy, falsetto-voiced jangly pop tracks.
What keeps this outside the realm of truly irritating, one-album one-ders is the emotional depth of the lyrics -- which can take multiple listens to appear. It can be quite dark and reflective and has trademark Wit in many cases, but manages to keenly balance itself with Pure Pop Goodness.
Very highly recommended.

Play if you like: the Beach Boys, Beachwood Sparks -- but these guys have managed to create their own individual sound niche
All Tracks clean.

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