Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Album: Cheap Songs Tell The Truth Artist: The Musiclovers
Label: Marriage Rating: 3.75 *s out of 5

A new group from a new division of Le Grand Magistery records. It sounds a bit like their labelmates, PAS/CAL (but a bit sadder) and Stars (but more acoustical). It's on the very mellow side of the Pop spectrum, but not as orchestrally deep as say Belle and Sebastian (I don't I hate to mention them in a pop review with word mellow...) and like the label says, Nick Drake-y. Though I don't get the Sergio Mendes bit it tallks about.
I've never been to San Fransisco (the band's new home after starting out Across The Pond): but the music seems to be the way I imagine the city to be: moody but not somber, a little trippy and surprisingly compelling.
Not the best debut in the world, but a band worth keeping an eye on.

Recommended tracks: I like 1, 4 and 5

Site: The band doesn't have a site, but you can go here to read more about it and their label is here.